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Deer Only

Rifle or Archery
(5 days, 5 nights).....$4550
(6 days, 6 nights).....$5450
(7 days, 7 nights).....$6350

We are blessed to have the ability hunt both mule and whitetail deer in our area, with a good stable population full of nice bucks.
Deer tags can be used for either whitetail or mule deer, so you will want to keep this in mind when you book your hunt, in addition to the fact that mule deer rut earlier in the season than whitetail.
The 3 in 1 package is a great opportunity for hunters to have a chance at shooting 3 animals during the same hunt; however no guarantees are given that you will be successful for all three during a particular hunt.
Elk and Deer use the same terrain, so they can easily be hunted at the same time.
Bear are also very plentiful in the area, and are often seen during your hunt. These tags are available over the counter, and can be added to your hunt at any time, if you had not previously booked the 3 in 1 package.


Elevation: 2,400 - 8,000 ft.

3 in 1 Package
Elk/Deer/Bear Combo
Add a Bear to your hunt for $1000 to the above price


Elk/Deer Combo

Rifle or Archery
Elk & Deer in 1 Hunt (Whitetail or Mule Deer)
(5 days, 5 nights).....$5050
(6 days, 6 nights).....$6050
(7 days, 7 nights).....$7050


Prices do not include Gratuity, License Fees, Processing or Taxidermy Costs.
Rates are based on two hunters per guide.
An extra $250 per day will be charged for one on one hunt.

Elk/Deer Combo application deadline April 15  - $ TBD
Deer Only $TBD

Youth Combination $ TBD

Youth Deer Only $ TBD
Bow & Archery Stamp, over the counter - $10.00
Bear Hunters must show proof of Bear Identification test.

Pricing Includes; Meals, Lodging & Transportation to & from the Missoula, Montana airport. (On the evening of your last hunt day, we will take you to Missoula, so you may need to book a motel depending on your flight schedule - unless prior arrangements have been made.)

See FAQ page for more details


A 25% deposit is due at the time of booking for current year is required. An additional 25% is required 90 days after booking. The balance for the hunt cost is due 30 days prior to the hunt. A 10% deposit for following year's bookings is required.

Deposits are non-refundable. In case of emergency/special circumstances, we will roll deposits for one year.

Final Payment is Appreciated in Cash or Check

Horse Back Riding:

The following restrictions are in place to keep our livestock and riders safe.

Riders must weigh less than 225 lbs.

Day Packs must weigh less than 20lbs.

Montana Elk Hunts, Deer, Bear, Mtn. Lion,
Montana Elk Hunts, Deer, Bear, Mtn. Lion,
Montana Elk Hunts, Deer, Bear, Mtn. Lion,

Archery Season -  September 2 - October 15, 2023 
Rifle Season - October 21 - November 26, 2023

Montana Elk Hunts, Deer, Bear, Mtn. Lion,
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