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Our hunts are conducted primarily out of a lodge;  but we do offer some camp options.

We prefer our clients to leave the option up to us, so we can determine the best location to get you the best chance of a successful hunt.

We like to use the lodge since it give hunters more options of areas to hunt, than a camp.
If you book a camp hunt, you are stuck hunting in the area where the camp is set up, even if there is no game.

The lodge gives you more flexibility and lets you move from one location to another from one day to the next based on where we are seeing the most game.
The lodge is also a great way to enjoy your hunt with friends and family who don't hunt, they can sit back and relax during the day while you are in the field.

If you are interested in a camp hunt please, talk to us about that option being part of your hunt.

All Bedding, Towels etc. are provided.

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