Typically hunted in the fall of the year. This hunt is as realistic as we can make it, hunted on 6500 acres of private land. The hunt cost will vary depending upon the size of animal you take... please contact us for specifics on this type of hunt.

Meriam turkey are found in our area, we offer spring and fall hunts.... 3 days - $900.00 for a turkey only hunt, or you can add to any other hunt for an additional $500.00. Fees do not include the purchase of your license which is $55 - $115 dependng upon having your upland game bird tag or not.

Big Horn Sheep
This is definately the hunt of a lifetime, since it is difficult and time consuming to draw this tag. However, if you should be successful in drawing a tag for this species we would love to work with you to make your hunt the best it can be. Once you draw a tag please contact us for current pricing.

Non-resident tags are available over the counter for $50.00, and will work on a quota system for 3 statewide managment areas. Hunters are allowed up to 7 tags.
5 Day Wolf Only Hunt .... $2750.00
Or combine with any other hunt for $500.00

Exotic Sheep
If you are looking for something a little different, we can help. We now have the ability to hunt exotic sheep in a ranch setting. You can just do this hunt, or you can combine it with any other Big Game Hunt, if you fill your tags early consider adding this to your list of things to do.
$1500.00 Sheep Only Hunt
Or $1,000.00 per sheep if you combine with any other hunt.

Youth Hunts

We like nothing more than taking a kid out for their first hunt, and seeing those bright eyes and big smiles after their first kill. We offer special pricing for first time hunters for all of our hunts,  as well as parent/child hunts, please contact us directly for more details.
Youth Combination tag $533.00

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